True friends are like diamonds - bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style

Nicole Richie

8th June 2018

­So apparently today was National Best Friends Day! There seems to be a lot of these National Days from National Unicorn Day to National Hugging Day! Anyway, I quite liked today’s day as I got to spend the day with my best friend doing our first pop up shop in London.

Mornings in our respective households is always slightly manic – both of us have 3 children to get ready for school and I can tell you that this is no mean feat – it’s a military operation and if anyone steps out of line it can result in total chaos!

Today we also had to factor in time for loading the car, driving into London and setting up the shop by 10.30am. We somehow both managed to get our children fed, cleaned, dressed and safely deposited at school and amazingly we still made it on time to have our pop up shop looking rather gorgeous and sparkly in time for our eager shoppers! I have to admit that we did feel a little deflated when in the midst of revelling in our achievements of the morning a delivery guy asked us if we were having a jumble sale – at which point we tried to sell him a scarf or make up bag but to no avail…

However, by lunchtime we had sold out of our favourite Chickidee Candles and our gorgeous Katie Loxton Bags were flying off their new display stand. As a small business it genuinely makes us happy to see our customers enjoying looking and purchasing our products as much as we enjoy choosing them. It’s a real pleasure to know we have selected items that other people chose to buy as a special gift for someone.

We also managed to squeeze in a Deliveroo lunch of a vegan omelette (a revelation – who knew you could have an eggless omelette, not too dissimilar to a giant flat onion bhaji – but it was actually really delicious and totally carb free – a win win situation!)

After packing up at 2pm, we somehow both made it home in time to get children to various dance classes and football practice. Dinner for me was as far from the giant onion bhaji as you could possibly get – a KFC on the way home from the last dance class at 6.45pm

So I say hurray for National Best Friends Day today – it was exhausting but fun!


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